How can I spy on my wife’s phone


In various domestic situations you have to deal with the question of how to spy on a person on the phone. It is necessary when there are suspicions about a company employee, husband or wife, there are worries about the life and health of relatives. How can I spy on my wife’s phone?

What information can be tracked?

With the help of tracking you can get information that is usually stored on your mobile device:

  • The contents of the call log of the caller;
  • The text of messages along with the exact time and date received;
  • The content of emails coming to the user’s email account;
  • The user’s current location;
  • Photos from cameras;
  • Voice recorder recordings.

How you can find out location by phone number without a person’s consent

You can install mobile apps without the user’s consent. The apps provide the information they need, but without the user’s consent, they are illegal. Using this surveillance option in this format is not recommended.

Spyware for Android phones

There are several effective Android-based programs with positive reviews for spying on the user. They are easy to install on your mobile device, act in the background and have no identifying marks. Among the popular options, the following are worth noting:

  • Talklog. Customer receives an e-mail report about the calls of the subscriber, audio recordings of conversations, intercepted sms, microphone records, history of visited pages in the browser.
  • Cell Phone Spy. The program works the same way as the previous application, determines the geolocation of the subscriber, but asks for a password when you run it. This is a significant disadvantage, which may decrease the program efficiency.
  • TrackView. This spy phone program for the Android platform tracks the location of your smartphone, looks at the picture from the device’s camera, records the sound of the environment. The program is suitable for people who want to keep track of their children.

Surveillance applications for iphone

  • StealthGenie. This is a program for iOS with a wide range of tools. The application for IPhone is sold in two versions – Gold and Basic. The basic version offers a standard set of features. The features of the gold version allow you to view photos on your smartphone, emails, notifications about Sim card replacement, and create data backups.
  • Flexispy. No less advanced program that includes all spy features, including Spy Call. Spy Call provides real-time spying on phone calls.

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