How to get messages from another phone to my phone


If you want to track the messages another person receives, there is a special software that will help you do this. How to get messages from another phone to my phone?

Spying on someone else’s phone via SMS

There are various interesting and more versatile software solutions for organizing a covert surveillance of a child’s phone, for example through the program NeoSpy. And now we would like to give some more programs that are able to give access to the smartphone via SMS.

One of them is SMS Mobile Spy. This mobile spy is built exclusively for parental control needs. To install it on Android, you need to download it from Play Market. The first time you log in, you’ll be asked to enter your Email and password. Then set up access for SMS and GPS navigation modules to send messages to the mailbox. After that you will not only have access to a map of the phone owner’s movements, but also be able to read the messages sent from him.

One more similar program for phones – Spy To Mobile. It works by intercepting incoming and outgoing SMS, contacts list and call history, which it sends to your Personal Area on the server To upload the intercepted data, your cell phone must also be connected to the Internet via GPRS or Wi-Fi. However, the advantage is that the Internet access may not be permanent, and the data will be transmitted as the smartphone goes online. You can find demo videos online that show the installation process and the user account on their site. These are some interesting programs that can connect all computers, laptops and phones over the Internet into one tracking system – take advantage.

More spyware features

  • Camera. Here we get to the window where you can see the image transmitted by the built-in camera of the corresponding device. Here you can also call another control panel to change the camera, record video or activate the microphone on the device to send voice messages to it.
  • Geolocation. Go back and click on the pointer icon – a page with Google Maps will open, which displays the current geographical location of the object, which is determined either by the Internet or by the GPS module, depending on what is activated on that phone.
  • Beep. By pressing this button we will create on the other gadget the sound signal of the call. 

Now let’s go through the menu in the top panel of TrackView, which is often used to track other people’s phones. In the second tab with the “Play” icon you can see and play back the files recorded in memory. Under the next icon – the exclamation mark – lies the message filter setting, where you set up the possibility to receive notifications from a particular device.

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